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Our health insurance policies can include disability and long term care for Rhode Island residents, among an array of other coverage options.

Health insurance can come in many forms, but for those looking for specific coverage options in RI or MA you’re already in the right place. Whether it’s doctor’s appointments, prescriptions or overnight stays, health insurance can be available for you when you need it the most. Standard situations and emergencies can be covered with the help of our agency’s policy including things like long term care and disability insurance.

The agents at Chatterton Insurance will search high and low for the right disability insurance coverage, which can provide coverage for outstanding medical costs as well as lost wages incurred when you need to take any disability leave due to an illness or other issue. We understand that not all employers provide disability coverage to employees and we want to be that lifeline for you when you need it the most.

Long term care insurance provides coverage for specialized care for those who would rather not tap into their savings in order to pay for an expensive assisted living facility or nursing home. Some may not want to rely on their children or others to cover this cost, which is why we make sure you get everything you need without undergoing too much stress.

At Chatterton Insurance, we understand the various trials that Rhode Island residents go through when it comes to finding coverage for things like their health, disability and long term care. We want you to know that when you talk with us about finding coverage, we do all the heavy lifting. We have the solutions to make things work, so if you’d like to learn more please contact us today so we can get started!

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