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Workers Compensation Insurance

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Make sure your workers compensation is reliable for your employees by contacting Chatterton Insurance today.

As an employer, you have many obligations to fulfill to your employees. Few are more important than your company’s workers compensation insurance policy. Workers compensation is the binding agreement you offer to your employees in case they incur a work-related injury or illness while on the job. If your Rhode Island company deals with physical labor or operating heavy machinery, then you need to make sure your workers are not only covered by a workers compensation policy, but they’re getting the best one out there.

Let Chatterton Insurance help make sure when an employee becomes injured on the job, the claim is handled correctly and in a timely fashion. Workers compensation will provide those working at your company with peace of mind.

Basically when an employee has an onsite injury and is forced to miss an extended period of time of work, he or she then becomes eligible for benefits including medicals costs and reimbursement for lost wages. It’s necessary that your company signs up with an insurance agency you can rely on.

At Chatterton Insurance, we strive to serve Rhode Island and Southern New England customers without any limitations. We make our primary goal to serve the customer to the best of our ability. When a customer leaves with questions still hanging in the balance, we have not done our job. Our agency will get you the information and assistance necessary to find the workers compensation solution your business is looking for.

For more, call us today at 888-721-1079 or fill out the form on this page.

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