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Holiday Parties and Business Liability

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A holiday party is a fun event that can bring an entire business together. A holiday party is also an event that can come with complex liability issues for your business. The business technically becomes the legal host of the party. This can cause all types of problems if you are not prepared. You should … More


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Even when properly constructed a chimney must be maintained properly. The NFPA, The National Fire Protection Association, recommends that chimneys be inspected regularly (at least once a year) and cleaned as needed. Remember chimney cleaning is a specialized job and shouldn’t be done by a handyman. The buildup of chimney deposits, especially in winter when … More

Benefits of Using Winter Tires

Category: Blog

You always want to be safe while driving in the winter. Something that can help is to put winter tires on your vehicle. These tires are specially designed to handle the cold temperatures and other issues commonly found on the roads in the winter. You should know some of the benefits of using winter tires. … More

Pipe Protection Tips for Homeowners

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A single frozen pipe can burst and cause significant water damage. The water flooding out of the pipe can damage appliances and the structure of your home. You need to be proactive about protecting your pipes. You should know a few tips that will help to keep your pipes from freezing and bursting. Insulate your … More

How to Take a Fridge Inventory

Category: Blog

If you are planning on preparing a large meal, like Thanksgiving dinner, then consider taking an inventory of your refrigerator. This will give you an idea of what you need to buy and what might need to be thrown out because it’s either out of date or you no longer need the items. Place a … More

Road Conditions to be Wary of This Winter

Category: Blog

Winter presents some unique challenges for drivers. Several conditions can appear on roadways that will make driving dangerous and difficult. It is important to be on guard for these conditions. You should know about a few road conditions to be wary of this season. Black Ice: You need to be constantly aware that black ice … More

Budgeting: 3 Tips for the Holidays

Category: Blog

When it comes to the holiday season many people go over budget, if they have one. There are ways that you can get presents for your family and friends without breaking the bank or taking out a mortgage. By following these three tips, you can have a great holiday season and still have money leftover: … More

3 Tips to Prepare for Daylight Savings

Category: Blog

Many people look forward to the ending of daylight savings time because it allows them to get an extra hour of sleep. However, adjusting to the change in time can actually be difficult. Fortunately, it will be a lot easier for you to adjust to the change if you start preparing for it early. Below … More

Why Cyber Security is Important

Category: Blog

In the dynamic age of information technology, businesses should be concerned about cyber security. Several strong measures need to be taken in order to secure enterprise level databases and other IT infrastructure. Data breaches sometimes occur at government agencies, major corporations and other entities. Surely, small businesses are also vulnerable to cyber attacks and threats … More

Long-Term Care Insurance Explained

Category: Blog

If you are concerned about your life in the not-so-distant future, then you are not alone. In these difficult times, people just cannot help worrying how they will manage a decent living two, three or four decades from now. You cannot be certain if you will have the vigor and strength to live a healthy … More

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